An absolute must read before you succumb to the “Please, mommy can I have a puppy or a kitten?”
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Parenting with Pets offers insight into the magic of raising children with animals. It also highlights the learning opportunites that pets bring to the family. Written by Christine Hamer and Margaret Hevel, this mother and daughter team share their invaluable advice with readers on how pets enrich the relationship between parent and child, and how a pet's nonjudgmental companionship can restore balance in the whole family.

For the pet professional, Parenting with Pets offers techniques to help parents cope with raising children and pets together. This book will complement a trainer or behavior consultants family plan, reinforcing the value of incorporating the pet into the family system. 

Parents will appreciate the many examples of challenging life lessons where our pets can be the most effective teachers for our children. Fascinating and informative, Parenting with Pets is an essential guide for those interested in raising compassionate, responsible and thoughtful children. 

"Each section was my favorite until I got to the next. Informative, touching, well-written."

DEB CHENEY, Child Development Center, Salmon, Idaho
"Parenting With Pets beautifully details the never ending learning opportunities family pets naturally bring into the lives of their children. Parents will appreciate the many examples of challenging life lessons and how our pets can be the most effective teachers with our guidance and interactive dialogue with our children." 

JENNIFER SHRYOCK, BA-MPH, CDBC, Creator of the Dogs & Storks infant safety programs. United States Vice President & Education consultant for Doggone Safe 
"In today's world, raising children — and pets — can be a challenge. Parenting with Pets shows how animals can be a positive addition to any family, opening the door to enriching experiences for parents and their children."

CAROL KLINE, co-author of Chicken Soup for the Mother's Soul 2 and Chicken Soup for the Pet Lover's Soul
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